notmuch emacs-mua [options …] [<to-address> … | <mailto-url>]


Start composing an email in the Notmuch Emacs UI with the specified subject, recipients, and message body, or mailto: URL.

Supported options for emacs-mua include

-h, --help
Display help.
-s, --subject=<subject>
Specify the subject of the message.
Specify a recipient (To).
-c, --cc=<cc-address>
Specify a carbon-copy (Cc) recipient.
-b, --bcc=<bcc-address>
Specify a blind-carbon-copy (Bcc) recipient.
-i, --body=<file>
Specify a file to include into the body of the message.
Go to the Notmuch hello screen instead of the message composition window if no message composition parameters are given.
Even if a window system is available, use the current terminal.
Use emacsclient, rather than emacs. For emacsclient to work, you need an already running Emacs with a server, or use --auto-daemon.
Automatically start Emacs in daemon mode, if the Emacs server is not running. Applicable with --client. Implies --create-frame.
Create a new frame instead of trying to use the current Emacs frame. Applicable with --client. This will be required when Emacs is running (or automatically started with --auto-daemon) in daemon mode.
Output the resulting elisp to stdout instead of evaluating it.

The supported positional parameters and short options are a compatible subset of the mutt MUA command-line options. The options and positional parameters modifying the message can’t be combined with the mailto: URL.

Options may be specified multiple times.


Name of emacs command to invoke. Defaults to “emacs”.
Name of emacsclient command to invoke. Defaults to “emacsclient”.


notmuch(1), emacsclient(1), mutt(1)