notmuch new [options]


Find and import any new messages to the database.

The new command scans all sub-directories of the database, performing full-text indexing on new messages that are found. Each new message will automatically be tagged with both the inbox and unread tags.

You should run notmuch new once after first running notmuch setup to create the initial database. The first run may take a long time if you have a significant amount of mail (several hundred thousand messages or more). Subsequently, you should run notmuch new whenever new mail is delivered and you wish to incorporate it into the database. These subsequent runs will be much quicker than the initial run.

Invoking notmuch with no command argument will run new if notmuch setup has previously been completed, but notmuch new has not previously been run.

notmuch new updates tags according to maildir flag changes if the maildir.synchronize_flags configuration option is enabled. See notmuch-config(1) for details.

The new command supports hooks. See notmuch-hooks(5) for more details on hooks.

Supported options for new include

Prevents hooks from being run.
Do not print progress or results.


notmuch(1), notmuch-config(1), notmuch-count(1), notmuch-dump(1), notmuch-hooks(5), notmuch-insert(1), notmuch-reply(1), notmuch-restore(1), notmuch-search(1), notmuch-search-terms(7), notmuch-show(1), notmuch-tag(1)